Primary English Teacher | Summer/Winter Camp Coordinating | Creative Lesson Planning | Managing Camp/Club Finance| Passionate Educator | Facilitate English Department Events | Innovative Learning Practices

Professional Overview

2nd Yuying Foreign Language Primary School             

Sept.2016-May 2017

Primary English Educator: Manage 20 classes a week for 4th-6th Grade, focusing on English grammar, pronunciation, writing, reading and speaking. Facilitated the circular building, lesson planning and execution of new programs for the English Department.

Selected Contributions:

  • Honored as the exemplary English teacher by the Head Master and awarded by the Director of Education for the District of Dachang, Nanjing China. Appointed to advise other teachers within the English department (both Chinese-English) on different pedagogy methods through open-classes and teacher meetings.
  • Demonstrated a strong work ethic through creating and implementing the English curriculum for grades 3 and  4 for future English teachers to follow.
  • Displayed creativity by working with the administrative staff to boost enrollment at the school through promotional videos and incorporating new extracurricular activities such as English camps, broadcasting and cultural parties for students.
  • Utilized communication skills by working with Chinese ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers to unify the English Department and assisted in the transition of a new ESL teaching program.

Independent School District 196                                          


Licensed Substitute Teacher: Developed networking and pedagogy skills by working with various grades and learning abilities.

Selected Contributions:

  • Demonstrated flexibility in carrying out lesson plans correctly or changing plans to fit the students learning needs best.
  • Matched skills to tasks by tentatively following a teachers lesson plans and writing up reports on the day’s events.
  • Rewarded as a successful substitute teacher through many teacher referrals and recommendations.
  • Invited to attend administrative meetings at a renowned elementary school to observe as they discussed successful ways to implement a new pedagogy reading method called the Literacy Collaborative. 

‘EPIK’ English Program in Korea                                                           


Waryong Elementary School English Teacher: Manage 22 classes a week, focusing on English grammar, pronunciation, writing, reading and speaking. Facilitated the financial spending, lesson planning, event organization and execution of extracurricular activities such as English camps, English Honor Society (an advanced English club), and lower level English courses. Work alongside the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education, conducting multiple events and assisting with NET relations.

Selected Contributions:

  • Displayed creative teaching in daily school classes by creating helpful home videos, “memory” posters, innovative games and dramatic acting in role plays to engage students.
  • Increased the overall attendance numbers for English camps through continued dedication to original and inspirational lesson planning and themes.
  • Promoting fun with the English language through weekly broadcasting sessions with star students and creating an advanced English club that advanced children’s English skills by exposing children to the cultures of English countries.


Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing, Concentration in Finance from North Dakota State University 2009-2011

Division 1 Track & Field Athlete

North Dakota State University  2009-2011                      Wichita State University   2007-2009

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