Curriculum Night @ Pratt

Pratt Community School held its annual curriculum night of the 2018-2019 school year on September, 6.  While the meet and greet with teachers did not start until 5:30, the school had opened its doors to loving families at 5pm that evening.  Students and their families were welcomed to enjoy fresh sandwiches, fruits, and dessert, provided by Fresh Tyme before the night’s presentations began.

This school event was designed to give families of each student a chance to learn what curriculum their child would be learning that year.  Parents and guardians had the opportunity to watch presentations by each grade’s education team and the specialist teachers alike.

During the presentation with my class, the third-grade education team covered topics ranging from units covered in Literacy and Math, to major classroom projects of the year, to field trips, and even helpful strategies and tips to help their student excel in the year to come.  Parents and guardians were able to question which MN standards will be met and which form of communication is best with their student’s teacher.  The presentation lasted for approximately twenty minutes and the slides used can be seen here. 


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